The Process

The first step in commissioning a piece of furniture or cabinetry usually involves a visit to our shop. The general design and function of the piece are discussed at this time, as well as the selection of materials to be used. I will usually do a hand sketch of the basic layout of the piece. (If the project predominantly involves fitted (built-in) cabinetry, the initial visit may take place at the client’s home).

Once a basic design is agreed upon, we can present an estimated price. Upon approval, a deposit of approximately 10% is required at this time. We then proceed with conceptual drawings and material samples, and a contract document is drawn up. Upon approval of the drawings, and signing of the contract, the initial payment is due.

During the construction process, we strongly encourage you to visit the shop, to ensure the project is meeting your expectations.

Upon completion of construction, prior to the application of the finish, we will ask you to inspect the piece at the shop, and upon your approval, it will then be completely disassembled, and the finishing process begins. Achieving a beautiful finish is a painstaking process, and can sometimes take as many labor hours as the construction itself.

When the finishing is complete, we will ask you to visit the piece one more time, just prior to delivery. We feel these shop visits greatly reduce the chance of any miscommunication or disappointment. Upon your approval, a second payment is due at this time.

When delivery and installation are complete, the final balance is due.