Construction Details

While many pieces of furniture or cabinetry may look very appealing from the outside, the integrity of their construction can vary widely. Here are a few details regarding our construction process:

All of our casework is constructed of ¾” architectural plywood – never flakeboard. Architectural plywoods are fabricated of solid hardwoods, with fine veneer skins. They are extremely strong and stable.

When working in the traditional style, all doors, frames, moldings, pilasters, etc. are fabricated of solid hardwoods. Cases are mated to their faceframes using tongue and groove joinery. Doors are constructed with mortise and tenon joinery, and we recommend that they be traditionally hung (inset), with mortised butt hinges. The fitting and hanging of the doors in this manner is a painstaking process, but they generally outlast the european concealed hinges. European hinges have their place, and we do use them in certain contemporary pieces.

Drawers are dovetailed, or dowel- joined and can be fitted traditionally (wooden runners) or with fully concealed undermount slides, depending upon the type and style of the piece.

We also offer hand cut dovetails and exposed joinery, for the purist who appreciates such details.

Depending upon the piece and its function, we offer a variety of different finishes.

Some of these may include a simple rubbed tung oil finish that imparts a natural, earthy look, or a catalyzed urethane for exceptional durability and moisture resistance, or a traditional rubbed lacquer, or a highly polished polyester finish for a contemporary look. When a project calls for a stain, we try to avoid the use of heavily pigmented stains, they tend to mask the grain and natural beauty of the wood, and impart a “ commercial”, monochromatic look. Rather, we rely on aniline dyes and toners, which are clear and will enhance the woods characteristics and natural patina.

We recommend that our traditional painted pieces are hand painted, not sprayed. The texture of the brush marks yields a truly handmade look, and is easily repairable, should damage occur.